Ponya Bands 2016 Holiday Gift Guide


For the fitness enthusiast - Bamboo-Lined Sweatbands

Bamboo-Lined Sweatbands are the bread and butter of Ponya Bands, and the product that launched it all! Bamboo-Lined Sweatbands are the very best product for exercise - the bamboo fabric both absorbs and wicks sweat away from your forehead so you can focus on your workout.  

For the minimalist - Unlined Headbands

Our Unlined Headbands are a perfect minimal addition to your workout or everyday wear. Made completely of spandex, these wide headbands are super lightweight and have a ton of stretch. And like all of our other headbands, they will always stay put.

For your favorite guy - Bamboo-Lined Sweatbands

Did you know our super-absorbent and wicking sweatbands are unisex? These bands can worn by guys or gals; many males prefer solid color sweatbands, which you can easy sort by on our sweatband page. 

For the friend who can never get a headband to stay put - Non-Slip Headbands

We often talk to customers who can't find a headband to truly stay in place throughout their entire workout. Our Non-Slip Headbands solve that problem: they are backed with crushed velvet, which grip your hair to stay put. They are guaranteed to not move even through the toughest workouts, and work with all types of hair types and lengths. 

For the friend who wants to try something new - Spandex BAM Headband

Our Spandex BAM is the newest addition to the products we offer! Made of stretchy spandex, our Spandex BAM headbands are incredibly versatile; they can be gathered or folded to be worn as a headband in a variety of ways, and is made of the same lightweight spandex as our unlined headbands.


And lastly, if you know someone who loves Ponya but you're not sure what to purchase them, we have gift cards for sale! These gift cards never expire and can be used on any of the items in our store. 

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