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3 Reasons Why We Use Bamboo in our Sweatbands

Bamboo fabric and bamboo blends pop up in everything from underwear to entire sportswear brands like Free Fly and Tasc Perfomance. There’s certainly a reason for that! Bamboo’s wicking and absorbency powers also make it ideal for perhaps the sweatiest job in sportswear, headbands.  This blog will go over 3 reasons why we love and choose to work with bamboo fabrics for our sweatbands.

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3 Ways to Keep Cool with Bamboo Sweatbands

The hot and humid days are upon us, those days where you can wring out every single piece of clothing you have on as soon as you finish a run, down to your socks. This time of year, keeping cool becomes a top priority for everyone. For athletes, this becomes even more important, and staying hydrated and in the shade isn’t always enough. And sometimes the shade seems non-existent. While admittedly nothing will make you completely comfortable being active in the heat, any little bit helps. Our customers have 3 ways to make the most of our Bamboo Sweatband’s thermo-regulating power.

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Ultimate Guide to Ponya Band’s Non-Slip Headbands and Bamboo Sweatbands

When exercising, do your headbands slip? Do your headbands actually absorb sweat or just redirect it? Or are you just tired of headbands pinching, squeezing, or damaging your hair? All of these challenges and more have one simple solution, Ponya Bands. Ponya Bands sets the standard for non-slip sweatbands and headbands. Made with top-of-the-line fabrics including a stretchy non-slip crushed velvet and bamboo micro-loop terry fabric with an outer layer in spandex, Ponya Bands keep your hair out of your face and the sweat at bay in comfort with no pressure points.

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