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How to run races safely during COVID-19 crisis

In the Louisville area, we’ve had some small road and trail races this summer, mostly with limited participants and wave starts. Slightly bigger races are gearing up, however, like the Downtown Doubler 15K and 30K road race across the river in Indiana. In its third year, this growing favorite is on for September 20th, bringing racing safely to the forefront of people’s minds. This post will cover 5 ways to run races safely during this COVID-19 crisis.   

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How To Make Wearing A Face Covering More Comfortable

Let’s face it, wearing a face mask or covering isn’t fun and isn’t always comfortable.  With more people going back to work, the need for a comfortable way to wear a wear a mask for an extended period of time has only grown. The loops don’t always sit right on your ears if you wear glasses, and tying them behind the head can be unwieldy for quick trips, people with shoulder mobility issues, and when you might want to be able to take it off and on often. This post will cover how you can make wearing face coverings both easier and more comfortable.

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