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Customer Spotlight: Jinky Brown and her Non-Slip Headbands

A big part of what makes Ponya Bands so special is our community. Spotting someone in one of our bands in the wild is an instant connection and conversation starter. The patterns and unique design are recognizable right away, as is that panda logo peeking out from the side! This week, we feature customer Jinky Brown. Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, where she also met her husband, she’s lived all over the country before settling in Louisville, Kentucky, Ponya’s home base. A former high school French teacher, she is currently a stay-at-home mom with her precious three-year-old Indie and a private tutor. Jinky discovered Ponya Bands from another stroller mama. She recollects “It was the best day ever. I have very...

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Customer Spotlight: Kerry Campbell

Kerry Campbell lives north of Houston, and can't get enough of Ponya's Bamboo-Lined Sweatbands. She found our sweatbands on Amazon when attempting to find a sweatband that would help her with the Texas heat and hot flashes. "Sweating is something I have to live with every day," Kerry said. "I speed walk my dog, go to the gym, and I have two horses. These sweatbands are the best I have used. I have not had any sweat get in my eyes, and I sweat more than my horses – that is saying something!" Kerry is such a huge fan of Ponya's sweatbands, she purchased custom horseshoe pattern bands for her family and friends at her horse barn for Christmas (pictured below)....

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