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How To Make Wearing A Face Covering More Comfortable

Let’s face it, wearing a face mask or covering isn’t fun and isn’t always comfortable.  With more people going back to work, the need for a comfortable way to wear a wear a mask for an extended period of time has only grown. The loops don’t always sit right on your ears if you wear glasses, and tying them behind the head can be unwieldy for quick trips, people with shoulder mobility issues, and when you might want to be able to take it off and on often. This post will cover how you can make wearing face coverings both easier and more comfortable.

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Customer Spotlight: Jinky Brown and her Non-Slip Headbands

A big part of what makes Ponya Bands so special is our community. Spotting someone in one of our bands in the wild is an instant connection and conversation starter. The patterns and unique design are recognizable right away, as is that panda logo peeking out from the side! This week, we feature customer Jinky Brown. Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, where she also met her husband, she’s lived all over the country before settling in Louisville, Kentucky, Ponya’s home base. A former high school French teacher, she is currently a stay-at-home mom with her precious three-year-old Indie and a private tutor. Jinky discovered Ponya Bands from another stroller mama. She recollects “It was the best day ever. I have very...

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Ultimate Guide to Ponya Band’s Non-Slip Headbands and Bamboo Sweatbands

When exercising, do your headbands slip? Do your headbands actually absorb sweat or just redirect it? Or are you just tired of headbands pinching, squeezing, or damaging your hair? All of these challenges and more have one simple solution, Ponya Bands. Ponya Bands sets the standard for non-slip sweatbands and headbands. Made with top-of-the-line fabrics including a stretchy non-slip crushed velvet and bamboo micro-loop terry fabric with an outer layer in spandex, Ponya Bands keep your hair out of your face and the sweat at bay in comfort with no pressure points.

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