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3 Reasons Why We Use Bamboo in our Sweatbands

Bamboo fabric and bamboo blends pop up in everything from underwear to entire sportswear brands like Free Fly and Tasc Perfomance. There’s certainly a reason for that! Bamboo’s wicking and absorbency powers also make it ideal for perhaps the sweatiest job in sportswear, headbands.  This blog will go over 3 reasons why we love and choose to work with bamboo fabrics for our sweatbands.

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1000 Miles in 2016

Most runners set goals based on upcoming races: a 5K, 10K, or a half or full marathon. We chatted with two runners (and Ponya Bands fans) who recently completed an especially impressing running challenge: running 1,000 miles in 2016. Read below to learn about their experience with the challenge, and how Ponya Bands played into their journey. Both of these ladies are Skortaholics - be sure to learn more about them on their website! Annette lives in Lexington, Kentucky, and put together a group challenge with her running group, the Bluegrass Runners. After seeing information about the 1,000 mile challenge on social media and mostly keeping track of her running miles in 2015, Annette and other members of the group put together...

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Ponya Bands Q&A: Our Story & Band Basics

Learn more about the Ponya Bands story! The interview below is with Judy Beyerle, our founder, president and band leader. To find out more about our company, click here. Q: What is Ponya? A: Ponya Bands are bamboo-lined sweatbands and non-slip headbands. The company came to fruition out of a personal need. I was working at a specialty running store as a buyer. I went to spin class, which I loved, in a cotton terry sweatband. Midway through the class, I took the saturated, sweat-filled band off and threw it across the room. I could no longer focus with sweat in my eyes.  The next day, I went into work, voicing my frustration from the previous evening's workout and the...

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