Ponya Fabrics

For our sweatbands, the bamboo lining makes all the difference!

Bamboo fabric has inherent properties that naturally wick moisture. Most sweatbands have cotton fiber in the lining, which holds the sweat next to your skin. Ponya sweatbands wick the moisture off your forehead, which makes all the difference. Click here for more information.

Ponya Construction

At Ponya Bands, we make a distinction between a sweatband and a headband. A sweatband should be absorbent and do just that, wick sweat off your forehead.  While a headband is for keeping hair in place, styling your hair, and for fun... Click here for more info.

Washing Care

All Ponya Bands are machine washable! Lay bands flat to air dry. For our sweatbands, we recommend not using fabric softener. Click here for more info.