Healthcare Headbands
Healthcare Headbands

Healthcare Headbands

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-A Non-Slip Headband with no pressure points that grips the hair and stays in place. Interior lining is made of crushed velvet, and exterior is spandex. Available in 1.5" 

-4" Unlined Bands are available in various colors and patterns.

A button is sewn on each side of the band to hook elastic from mask around.

Made to avoid irritation to the back of the ear.

Thank you to all healthcare workers and thoughtful, generous Ponya customers/friends! ❤️🐼  

 - Assorted prints and solids.  
A button is sewn on each side of band  

One size fits all! Circumference: 18" x Width: 1.5"
Proudly handmade in Louisville, Kentucky.