1000 Miles in 2016

Most runners set goals based on upcoming races: a 5K, 10K, or a half or full marathon. We chatted with two runners (and Ponya Bands fans) who recently completed an especially impressing running challenge: running 1,000 miles in 2016. Read below to learn about their experience with the challenge, and how Ponya Bands played into their journey. Both of these ladies are Skortaholics - be sure to learn more about them on their website!

Annette lives in Lexington, Kentucky, and put together a group challenge with her running group, the Bluegrass Runners. After seeing information about the 1,000 mile challenge on social media and mostly keeping track of her running miles in 2015, Annette and other members of the group put together a spreadsheet to keep track of their miles and track each others' progress. 

In total, Annette completed 1,438 miles in 2016. She trained for the Backyard to Vineyard Challenge at the Biltmore over the first three months of the year, where she ran a half and full marathon in one weekend. After that, she consistently ran four or five days a week, and completed another full marathon and six half marathons later in the year, in addition to other shorter races.

"I was shocked by how much I actually run," Annette said. "Those 4, 5, and 6 mile runs really add up. I set 1,400 as my goal and I made it!"

Annette said wearing a Ponya Bands on her runs make them more enjoyable since she doesn't have to worry about sweat in her eyes or hair in her face. She loves our 3 inch sweatbands, with the Sugar Skulls and Jackson patterns being her personal favorites. 

"I don't exercise without a Ponya Band," Annette said. "It has become an essential piece of gear for me. They don't move. Seriously. I NEVER worry about my sweatband. Once I put it on, I don't give it a second thought. It stays exactly where I put it and collects sweat."

Lisa lives in Nicholasville, Kentucky, and decided to join in the challenge with Annette and their friend Keeana while on a run together. All three thought it would be a fun challenge to track their miles after seeing the idea on social media, and Lisa was also a part of the Bluegrass Runners challenge group. Lisa completed 1,129 miles by the end of 2016, averaging around 20 miles per week. 

Lisa said she almost always wears a Ponya Band while running, especially when she knows she'll be sweating or during chilly weather.

"I like sweatbands for super sweaty sessions or to cover my ears when its chilly outside. I also like the non-slip headbands when I am doing yoga, running or errands. It keeps my hair back and they are super cute," she said. "I think its important to say these absolutely do not move. Anywhere. They stay put exactly where you put them."


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