The Ponya Band Story

Ponya Bands creates functional and fashionable athletic headbands, sweatbands and accessories. We offer products that withstand the toughest athletic workouts - 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Judy Beyerle, founder and president of Ponya Bands, began a quest for a truly absorbent sweatband after a workout at spin class. Judy was spinning away and sweating it up in her class, but was frustrated with sweat getting in her eyes. She began her quest to find an absorbent sweatband that worked, kept her hair back out of my face and looked cute, too!

It didn’t take long for her to realize that most sweatbands, although absorbent, quickly reached saturation and did not keep the sweat out of her eyes. As she began talking to other runners and workout enthusiasts, she learned that there were many others experiencing this same frustration. The more information she gathered the more motivated she was to create a sweatband that really worked. 

The majority of sweatbands are cotton or have cotton blended in the fabric, cotton, although absorbent, quickly reaches a saturation point. What makes Ponya Sweatbands unique is the micro loop bamboo fabric used - bamboo has channels that wick moisture to the outer part of the band (made of spandex), where it dries quickly.

With the help of many sports enthusiasts who tested prototypes, it wasn’t long before she came up with a truly absorbent sweatband that prevents sweat from getting into the eyes, keeps hair back out of the face, and looks cute too! From here, the Ponya portfolio has expanded to include sweatbands, non-slip headbands and accessories. The rest is history!

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