Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Non-Slip Headbands and the Sweatbands?

  • The one main difference between our bands is the Non-Slip Headbands hold your hair back, and the Bamboo Lined Sweatbands absorb and wick sweat away. Our Non-Slips are lined with a stretch crushed-velvet that grabs the nap of the hair to stay put. Our Bamboo Jersey Lined Sweatbands have an inner layer of moisture-wicking bamboo fabric. For more on the differences between our bands, see our product guide.

What makes the Bamboo Jersey Lined Sweatbands special?

  • The bamboo fabric used in our bands doesn't only absorb sweat, but it also wicks it away from your forehead so sweat can evaporate more quickly. Bamboo fabric is also naturally thermoregulating, helping you keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. To learn more about why we love bamboo, read our blog entry. 

How should I wear my bands?

  • The key element to remember is to wear the Logo on the LeftThis is most important for our Non-Slip Headbands, but can be applied to all of our products. By wearing your logo on the left side of your Non-Slip Headbands and facing up, it ensures that the crushed velvet lining catches your hair and does not slip.

    • Non-Slip Headbands should be worn back in your hair, just past the hairline. These bands are meant to hold back your hair during workouts or everyday activities, and wearing it this way will ensure it will not slip, no matter your hair type!

    • Bamboo Jersey Lined Sweatbands should be worn below your hairline to catch as much sweat as possible on your forehead. This will prevent sweat from getting in your eyes in addition to holding your hair back. Our sweatbands can also be worn over your ears to keep them warm. 

    • Unlined Bands are best used for everyday wear, or as a lightweight performance headband. Unlined Headbands should be worn touching the forehead to stay in place and can absorb a small amount of sweat. 

    • BAMs and Unlined Tube Bands can be worn a variety of ways, and we love how versatile they are! These can be folded, scrunched or twisted to be worn as a headband, lightweight sweatband, or even as a neck gaiter and face covering.

    • Twist Bands, made with Bamboo Jersey can be worn with the twist in front or the twist in back.

What fabrics are Ponya Bands made out of? 

  • Bamboo

    • Our BAM, Bamboo Jersey Lined Sweatbands, and Twist Bands are made with a bamboo/spandex jersey fabric.

    • Bamboo fabric is highly absorbent, with unique channels that wick moisture to the outer part of the band, where it dries quickly and prevents oversaturation. Most sweatbands have cotton fiber in the lining, which holds the sweat next to your skin. Bamboo wicks the moisture off your forehead and even absorbs sweat better than cotton, keeping sweat from running down your face and into your eyes.

  • Crushed Velvet

    • Non-Slip Headbands are made with stretch crushed velvet fabric.

    • Our crushed velvet-lined headbands are a single piece of stretchable fabric, so there is no need for a separate piece of elastic in the back. 

    • The single piece construction eliminates pressure points that can cause headaches. 

  • Spandex

    • Unlined Bands and Unlined Tube Bands are a single layer of spandex.

    • Spandex is the outer fabric of all of our bands. We use this fabric because it is both functional and fashionable. 

    • Spandex provides the stretch needed to conform to the wearer’s head while still remaining comfortable and breathable. It also dries quickly, keeping you comfortable during your workout. 

    • Spandex comes in a variety of colors and patterns, which allows you to purchase bands that suit your personality and express yourself during your workouts - because life is too short to not have cute workout gear!

How are Ponya Bands made?

  • Each band is handmade with quality fabrics by our expert seamstress at her home in Kentucky before being carefully wrapped and shipped to your home. A truly cottage business, Ponya is woman-owned and ran, contracting with other women in the local community.

How are Ponya Bands sized?

  • All of our headbands and sweatbands are one size fits all. 

  • We purposefully make our products with high-quality fabric that is also comfortable and stretchy, allowing for Ponya Bands to fit heads of multiple sizes and shapes. 

  • We are often asked if our products fit children, and the answer is yes! We’ve had our headbands and sweatbands fit kids as young as 4, and they are great to wear during sports. We recommend measuring the circumference of their head before ordering.


Bamboo Lined Sweatbands

Non-Slip Headbands

Unlined Headbands

Spandex BAMs


18 inches

18 inches

18 inches

19 inches


3 or 4 inches (depending on style)

1.5 inches

4 inches

11 inches

How should I wash and dry my Ponya Bands?

  • All Ponya Bands products can be machine washed. We recommend washing on a delicate setting and laying flat to air dry.

  • To maintain the maximum absorbency in sweatbands and wristbands, we recommend not using fabric softener or dryer sheets. All of our fabrics will remain soft and functional wash after wash!

What is your shipping policy?

  • Shipping is FREE for deliveries within the United States over $100.

  • Items totaling up to $99.99 will be charged $5.99 for shipping and handling. Ponya Bands uses USPS 1st Class to deliver our orders, and you will receive a tracking number as soon as your order has been mailed. 

  • Shipping to Canada is $8 for orders totaling up to $99.99 and FREE for orders of $100 or more.
  • Shipping overseas is $13. We've delivered to countries around the world, including New Zealand, China, Guam, Singapore, Australia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. 

  • All Ponya Bands orders are shipped in eco-friendly mailers, which we encourage you to recycle after use. 

What is your return policy?

  • Ponya Bands has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy. 

  • If you are not happy with your order contact us at within 14 days of receiving your order and we will issue you a return or replacement.