Ultimate Guide to Ponya Band’s Non-Slip Headbands and Bamboo Sweatbands

Ponya Non-Slip Headbands Collage

Ponya Bamboo Sweatbands Collage

Are you tired of your headbands slipping? Do your sweatbands actually absorb sweat when exercising or just redirect it? Or are you just tired of headbands or sweatbands pinching, squeezing, or damaging your hair? All of these challenges and more have simple solution, Ponya Bands.

Ponya Bands sets the standard for non-slip headbands and sweatbands. Made with top-of-the-line fabrics including a stretch non-slip crushed velvet and bamboo micro-loop terry fabric with an outer layer in spandex, Ponya Bands can keep your hair out of your face with our Non-Slip Headbands and the sweat at bay with our Bamboo Sweatbands. And all Ponya Bands are comfortable with no pressure points or headaches.

The velvet nap in our Non-Slip Headbands keeps your hair under control and simply stay put while the bamboo fabric in our Bamboo Lined Sweatbands has natural thermo-regulating qualities, keeping you cool on hot days and warm on cold ones.

Also, bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and odor-free, keeping you feeling fresh, as well as being hypoallergenic. We never use cotton or cotton blends because, as we all know, in the world of sport clothes and accessories, “Cotton is rotten.”

A staple at race expos in the Kentucky area and beyond and also available in select locations in a dozen states around the country and online, they are like the comfy PJs of headbands and sweatbands. A common response to new releases is “take my money!” 

Ponya Bands, pronounced "p-own-ya,' is named after the Nepali word for “panda” to emphasize the bamboo lining that absorbs and wicks moisture away, the adorable logo of a panda in a headband peeks out from the side of every headband. Designed by the sister of a Fleet Feet co-worker with Judy’s input, the logo emblemizes the spirit of harmony and blessings.

Creating a Better Sweatband

In 2012, owner and operator Judy Beyerle came up with the idea for a better sweatband after a long spin class. At the time, Judy was working as a clothing buyer for a local Fleet Feet store, which positioned her to draw on her experience and knowledge to create the perfect sweatband.

Right away, Judy knew there had to be a better way. The bands she saw were all cotton, where the sweat just absorbs and sits in the fabric. Combining a spandex band with a micro-loop terry bamboo fabric for the liner, she knew she was onto something. The bamboo channels wick the sweat away and absorbs it where it then evaporates. She next involved her colleagues and rounds of testing and feedback from local running groups.

Close up of Ponya Bands' Bamboo Terry Lining

Judy’s thoughtful process finally paid off when she released the Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatband, Ponya’s very first product. From there, Judy added the stretch crushed velvet lined Non-Slip Headband with its genius velvet nap.

Close up of Ponya Bands' Non-Slip Headband lining

In 2015, Judy expanded beyond simple headbands when she introduced the Bamboo Accessory Multifunctional, known as the BAM, another of her personal favorites. Made of a bamboo/spandex blend, this tube band can be worn a large variety of ways and helps regulate your temperature whether you’re running in the winter or doing hot yoga. 

Most recently, Ponya has added a wider Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatband and a Twist Band that can be worn year round and is excellent at keeping ears warm on cold days and the sun off them on warmer days.

Ponya's Personal Touch

In a world of big box stores and factory made goods, our people, product, and passionate customers make the Ponya community unique and welcoming. Truly a cottage industry with one current seamstress and others contracted to as needed, Judy’s commitment to creating the best bands possible extends to every aspect of their creation. Machine sewn with care, each band is made and shipped from Taylorsville, Kentucky, not a factory, ensuring quality across products.

The small size means that headbands are made to order and between responding to customer ideas for a wider bamboo jersey band to donations to local charities and fundraising for disaster relief to making button bands for healthcare workers, Ponya listens and responds to their customer base and community’s wants and needs. This personal touch and attention to detail and feedback also makes sure they always have the best product possible.

With new patterns and fabrics released quarterly as well as plenty of solid color options and in varying widths for most bands, there’s always something new and both functional and stylish to suit your needs.


Benefits of Ponya Bands

Still wondering why choose Ponya? What makes our actual product better? Let’s take a look at some reasons.

  • Premium fabrics-- Made with spandex and lined with either velvet or bamboo, the premium fabrics perform in any circumstances. The stretch non-slip crushed velvet keeps bands in place because the nap grips the hair while the give in the fabrics make them comfortable all day with no pressure points. In addition to being super absorbent and naturally thermo-regulating properties, the bamboo bands are also hypo-allergenic and naturally antibacterial and odor-free. Our bands are also gentle and effective on all hair types, including fine hair, providing damage free protection and hold with zero headaches.
  • Absorbency—Although the bamboo micro-loop terry lined band is our most absorbent and can hold back the sweat on the most humid days, all of our bands can help with perspiration. The spandex and bamboo blend in our Bamboo Jersey Lined Sweatbands and BAMs keep you comfortable and dry no matter the temperature and whether worn around the neck or on the head.
  • Versatility—Gender neutral and with plenty of stretch to fit a wide range of head sizes well as well as styles and colors/patterns, Ponya Bands can work on nearly all ages. They work for everyone from toddlers on up, staying put through a hard run or a busy day in preschool and are popular with local high school girls athletics teams, local running clubs, tennis players, soccer players, and even horseback riders ssince they fit under helmets as well. The velvet lined bands truly will not slip, even in the softest toddler hair, if aligned with the logo behind the left ear.

  • Variety—Simply put, if you need to keep your hair out of your face and/or keep sweat from rolling down, our bands are for you! In solid colors as well as patterns, there is something to suit nearly all personalities and style preferences whether you want to wear one on a run or to the office or school.

Types of Ponya Bands

Our Non-Slip Headbands and Bamboo Sweatbands are our mainstay products, best sellers, and, quite frankly, our favorites, which are available in many colors and fabrics.  How you wear our bands, of course, makes all the difference. 

  • Non-Slip Headbands—Never have to tug at a hairband again with our stretch crushed velvet Non-Slip Headbands. Its velvet nap gently grabs onto your hair to avoid slipping when work above the hairline. They simply stay put! In 1, 1.5, and 2 inch widths and a variety of solid colors and patterns, our Non-slip Headbands work for every day as well as exercise including swimming and scuba diving.
Woman running in Ponya Bands Non-Slip Headband
  • Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatbands—Feel dry no matter what you’re doing with our highly absorbent Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatbands. The channels in the bamboo micro-loop terry lining helps pull sweat away from the skin and allows it to evaporate, helping regulate your temperature and wick away sweat. Available in 2, 3, and 4 inch widths in solid colors and patterns, our Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatband makes it easy to match your style.
Woman in Ponya Bands' Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatband

In addition to our two main bands, we also offer five additional products to meet your needs, whether it's style or function.

  • Bamboo Jersey Lined Sweatbands—Keep your ears warm on chilly days with our Bamboo Jersey Lined Sweatbands. At 4 inches wide and made with a smooth bamboo jersey lining, it pulls away sweat and helps regulate heat worn alone or under a winter hat. Smooth enough to fit under a helmet as well, our Bamboo Jersey Lined Sweatbands are versatile for any cold weather activity.
Woman in Ponya Bands' Bamboo Jersey Lined Sweatband
  • Unlined Bands—Control your hair in comfort with our spandex Unlined Bands. In a 4” width, they can be pulled below the hairline as a light sweatband or worn above the hairline for a fashionable look. Scrunched more narrowly or spread wide and in a wide variety of solid colors and patterns, you have plenty of options with our Unlined Bands.
Woman in Ponya Bands' Unlined Band
  • Unlined Tube Bands—Enjoy the versatility of our 19” by 11” Unlined Tube Bands that can be worn as a hair band, neck gaiter, or face covering. Made of a single layer of polyester/spandex material, it can be gathered and folded to suit your needs. In several patterns or solid colors, our Unlined Tube Bands give you a variety of options.
Woman in Ponya Bands' Unlined Tube Band
  • BAM (Bamboo Accessory Multifunctional)—Stay comfortable year-round with our versatile BAM. Made of a bamboo jersey blend, this stretchy and soft tube band can be used as a sweatband, neck gaiter, or face covering. Its thermoregulating fabric makes our BAM suitable for any weather and can be layered over another band for the coldest of conditions.
Woman in Ponya Bands' Bamboo BAM as Headband
  • Twist Bands--Wear our bamboo jersey blend Twist Bands for function or fashion. Perfect for working out or hanging out at home, you can wear the twist in the front or back. 
Woman in Ponya Bands' Twist Band
  • Bamboo Wristbands—Wipe sweat away with our micro-loop terry Bamboo Wristbands no matter what you’re doing. The bamboo fabric’s thermoregulating properties and absorbency help keep you cool as well. Our Bamboo Wristbands leave your hands free, making it ideal for tennis, running, golf, or any other activity.


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