Why Ponya Bands are the Best Headbands for Kids

Ledgerwood Family in Ponya Bands

A magic power of Ponya Bands? Kids love to wear them! That is a victory for sure. In any circumstance, trying to find something that stays put and elicits no complaints can be a real struggle. They can strip off an uncomfortable item quicker than you can blink, especially younger kids. Our bands also just plain work.

Whether your child is schooling at home or back in person, the daily morning routine and hair struggle likely hasn't changed. This post covers why Ponya Bands are such wonderful headbands for kids. 


Big, small, kids’ heads come in all sizes and with all hair types. And they are constantly growing. What fits one day won’t fit the next. Cotton and other materials can get stretched out or feel too tight. The stretch in our crushed velvet lining and bamboo micro-terry lining give a perfect fit no matter your head shape or size. Growth spurts? No problem! They will continue to fit.

Small child in Ponya Band

Both the Non-Slip Headbands and Bamboo-Lined Sweatbands will stay put, depending on how your child wears them, even on the slickest, softest hair. For those with coarser, or more fragile hair, the gentle velvet lining provides damage-free hold.

Alexis Workman crossing finish line in Ponya Bands

Whether it’s for every day wear or sporting activities, our bands will do their jobs of either holding hair back gently or absorbing sweat while not moving. Our bands can take children from the classroom or home straight to the cross country meet or other athletic event. You can even contact us for special orders to coordinate your team or promote your event. 


We all know that if something is comfortable, we’re more likely to wear it. Kids are no different and perhaps more sensitive to discomfort. The hard plastic headbands seem to dig in to everyone’s head and slip around. They can just be constantly annoying, and kids will let you know.

The special design of our bands eliminates pressure points and headband headaches for good, whether worn by a child or adult. No more complaining, no more fussing, no more tugging. They’ll likely forget it’s even there. We can add buttons to your bands to help make mask wearing at school and out and about more comfortable as well.

Katie in Ponya Band with Mask

If your child is willing, you can share them as well! They are the rare “one size fits most” that truly lives up to it. Mom-tip: They are perfect for hiding bangs that are growing out or roots that need to be touched up too! 

Fun Prints

A bright, silly, colorful print can make all of the difference. Ponya’s prints, like the latest Gail bands featuring goldendoodles kayaking, are just plain fun! They do have lovely solid colors, but the prints are where it’s at.

You want unicorns, tacos, hedgehogs, donuts, soccer balls, fireworks, flamingos, or bicycles? We have or have had them. Paw prints, hearts, shamrocks, chevrons, and stripes? Yep, we have those too.

Indie Myers in Ponya Bands

Throw in some camouflage and tie dye variations as well as lots of options with sparkle and shine, and you have something for pretty much every personality and gender, that suit more traditional styles as well as the “I dressed myself” style in younger kids.


While hair issues may not seem the biggest deal, it can be a daily struggle for some parents and kids. Taking the smallest pressure off, especially something that is part of a daily morning routine, can make the world of difference to their day. Browse through the site with your kids and pick out some bands to try! Our Clearance section would be a great place to start.

What’s your favorite thing about Ponya Bands for kids? Tell us in the comments below!

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