How To Wear Your Ponya Bands

The key to getting the most out of your Ponya Bands is to wear them properly. We want you to be able to focus on your workout, not readjusting your headband or sweatband. If you wear your band correctly, we guarantee they will not slip! 

The key element to remember is to wear the Logo on the Left. This is most important for our Non-Slip Headbands, but can be applied to all of our products. By wearing your logo on the left side of your Non-Slip Headbands and facing up, it ensures that the crushed velvet lining catches your hair and does not slip.

Non-Slip Headbands should be worn back in your hair, just past the hairline. These bands are meant to hold back your hair during workouts or everyday activities, and wearing it this way will ensure it will not slip, no matter your hair type!

Bamboo-Lined Sweatbands should be worn below your hairline, as to catch as much sweat as possible on your forehead. This will prevent sweat from getting in your eyes in addition to holding your hair back. The bamboo fabric used in our bands doesn't only absorb sweat, but wicks it away from your forehead so it can evaporate more quickly.

Our sweatbands can also be worn over your ears to keep them warm. The bamboo fabric in our sweatbands is also naturally thermoregulating, helping you keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. To learn more about our bamboo fabric, click here.

Unlined Headbands are best used for everyday wear, or as a lightweight performance headband. Unlined Headbands should be worn touching the forehead to stay in place and absorb a small amount of sweat.


Spandex BAMs can be worn a variety of ways, and we love how versatile they are! These can be folded, scrunched or twisted to be worn as a headband, lightweight sweatband, or even as a neck gaiter. We have a few suggestions below - but it’s hard to find a wrong way to wear this band!