3 Benefits of Bamboo Fabric for Curly Hair

Woman with curly hair in Bamboo Jersey Lined Sweatband

“Oh, you’re so lucky to have curly hair!” Curly girls hear this all the time, and while curly hair is a blessing, it presents its own set of challenges. Dealing with changes due to weather, humidity levels, and growth can be maddening. Trying to find the right balance of products can seem impossible. Bamboo bands can help ease the frustration.

This post will go over three benefits of bamboo fabrics and bands for curly hair as well as some Ponya Tips.

  1. Less frizz—The texture of bamboo fabrics, and bamboo jersey in particular, helps reduce frizz. The lack of any nap along with the soft, silky texture means no friction on your hair. No friction or rubbing means no frizz after taking the band off.

    Inside of white Ponya BAM, close up of bamboo jersey

    You can use one of our BAMs like a sleep bonnet or cap. Make your morning restyle easier by combining a BAM with putting your hair in a loose high pony or bun (also known as a “pineapple”). You’ll have less frizz upon waking, letting you extend your wash day. 

    Ponya Tip: If you’re rocking third or fourth day hair in a protective style, like braids, you can wear a BAM over it to shield it from the elements. Pull on like a headband but pull the top all the way over the back of your hair and tuck into the back.
  1. Less tension—The gentle stretch of bamboo jersey gives it the ability to hold back hair while putting less tension on both your head and scalp. A lot of hair accessories for curly hair are designed to be worn or used tightly. This can lead to headaches and even hair loss if used frequently. Our bamboo jersey blend conforms to your head and hair for ultimate comfort.

    Less tension also means bamboo bands will leave less noticeable dents, if any, when removed. Since curly girls tend to wash their hair less frequently, the ability to be able to restyle easily, especially without heat, is huge. Shake out or gently fluff the roots, and you’re good to go! Add your favorite restyling product if needed. 

    Ponya Tip: Pay attention to width. The wider the band, the larger area for the pressure to spread out across, and the less likely it will leave dents.
  1. No damage—Curly hair can be prone to damage, especially if it’s also chemically treated in any way through bleaching, straightening, etc. The soft, silky texture and the gentle stretch together cause no breakage either at the scalp or further down the hair shaft if you wear your bands above the hair line.

    Woman with curly hair in Ponya BAM double layer

    Ponya Tip: Shield your hair from extreme weather by wearing a more protective style, like braids, and wear a BAM over it to cover your hair and/or scalp. Put on like a headband and pull the top all the way over the back of your head. If your braids are short enough or you can loop them under, you can tuck the back edge of the top in the back like a snood.

Let bamboo jersey take some of the headache, metaphorical and literal, out of curly hair care. What is your favorite way to wear a bamboo Ponya Band with your curly hair? Tell us in the comments below!

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