3 Hairstyles to Survive Hot Weather Runs and Workouts

This is the time of year many of us who run or workout in the heat contemplate shaving our heads. The humidity can be oppressive in many parts of the country, and even a dry heat is still that, hot. For those of us with medium length to long hair, the struggle is definitely real. Curly hair goes bushy, soft hair seems impossible to keep up, and thick hair feels so much heavier. Being able to get through your run or workout in comfort can really depend on your hairstyle.

Women in Ponya Bands Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatbands--back view

Of course, with the wide variety in hair, both in texture, thickness, and cooperativeness, no one style will work best for you. Our customers have 3 main styles they rely on to stay cool and keep their hair under control with variations for each to help you choose what will work best for you.

1. Ponytail

Four women in Ponya Bands with ponytails

Good for all hair types, the classic ponytail can be worn high and looped under or left long. If your hair isn’t long enough for a high ponytail, small pigtails can work. Use one of our Bamboo-Lined Sweatbands for fly aways and those shorter hairs that won’t reach to the pony or pigtails.

Healthcare worker and runner Jamie Payton uses this style regularly, explaining “at work or at play it’s pulled back into a ponytail and the Ponya sits right at the hairline to hold back the whispies and block the roots!” If you hate the bouncing ponytail feeling, you can just not pull it all the way through on the last loop like Amanda Orel Dozier.

And can we talk about bangs? They seem like such a good idea until they’re flopping around during a workout and sticking to your sweaty head or sticking up from your headband. Tiffany Richardson explains says “My favorite part about Ponya is that it holds my bangs back so they aren’t flopping in my eyes during a workout.” No one wants sweaty bangs hanging down or flopping around.

For a little more coverage and hair control, our 4” Bamboo Jersey Lined Bands and our BAMs can still help keep you cool and absorb sweat. For indoor workouts or cooler days when you just want some hair control, our Non-Slip Headbands can do the trick.

2. Braids

Three women runners in braids with Ponya Bands

There are endless options with braids, and some variation can work for everyone. Combine with our Bamboo-Lined Sweatbands for maximum cooling and absorption or one of our Bamboo Jersey Lined Bands or BAM for more control for hairs that don’t quite reach along with bamboo’s moisture wicking and temperature regulation super powers.

Single or pigtail French braid—Best for thick hair, the French braid helps hair feel lighter, and pigtail French braids, if you can manage it, let more air reach your scalp, providing relief, especially when the wind blows. You can leave pigtail French braids long or loop them under with pins or tuck them under the band of your headband or sweatband. See Elle’s guide to French braiding for video tutorials covering all hair types and length. For pigtail French braids, just part down the center and braid each side.

You can even combine this, or any of the other styles with our bands with a visor as runner Theresa Woolridge does: “My favorite is when my hair is long enough that can split my hair down the middle and wear two braids, especially for a long run because between my visor, sunglasses, and ponytail I get a gnarly headache. Wearing the braids takes some of the pressure off the sides of my head, and it helps to keep my visor or Ponya Band from riding up.”
Pigtail braids—Suitable for most hair types, these braids start low on the head with one on each side are effective for fine hair that normally slips out of French braids. Again, you can leave them long or loop/tuck them under a headband or sweatband.

Ponytail with braid—Also good for fine hair, this option combines the classic ponytail with a braid on the end to keep hair under control and is especially good for hair that gets bushy in the humidity. Ultrarunner Karin Hand swears by this style, calling it her “power braid.”

3. Buns

Three women in buns and Ponya Bands

Another good for most hair types and textures, buns are one of the safest hairstyles when running alone. Sadly, most women have to think about that, and buns give less to grab on to with hair wound up. As She/Moms Run This Town Louisville Chapter Leader Stephanie McClain Boyd says, “if someone tried to nab me, they couldn’t grab my ponytail/hair as easily.”

Single bun—The perennial top bun is great for longer hair. Whether you use pins or wind it up and keep it in place with a ponytail holder, it keeps it up and out of the way. Jaymi Chang Yantis calls the top bun/Ponya Band combo “burpee-proof,” and uses it as a go to for running and HIIT classes.

Some prefer a lower bun, like Laura Dries Barkley who says she likes “a tight low bun with the goal of no hair movement at all. I don’t like the feeling of my hair touching my neck or back when I run.” If the weight of your hair pulls out a top bun, the lower bun can be a great solution.

Double bun—Fine hair tends to slip out of top buns, as does exceptionally heavy, thick hair whose weight can pull buns out. Winding your hair into double buns, or pigtail buns, can be the solution for both of these problems. For finer hair, you can place them anywhere on the side of the head. For thick, heavy hair, pigtail buns that sit lower on the side of the head can sit tighter. Embrace your inner Princess Leia and try this one out.


Three women in Ponya Bands

No matter what style you choose, or even if you have short hair, one of our Ponya Bands can help control flyaway hairs and bangs. Curly or straight, we’ve got you covered with headbands and sweatbands that stay put with comfort and don’t damage your hair. What's your favorite hairstyle for the hot weather and why?

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