3 Reasons our Bamboo Jersey Lined Bands are Perfect for Winter

Two Ponya Bands' Bamboo Jersey Lined Bands on table

Winter is the time our Bamboo Jersey Lined Bands, the newest in our line, shine. This time of year, you want something a little warmer and wider that still absorbs and wicks sweat away. After all, just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you’re not going to sweat.

Sometimes a hat is too much or needs a little something extra, and that’s where these Bamboo Jersey Lined Bands come in. Like all of our bands, they also stay put! And they come in many of the same fun patterns as our others. This post will cover the three reasons our Bamboo Jersey Lined Sweatbands are made for winter.

They provide warmth without weight

While our original Bamboo-Lined Sweatbands are lined with a terry-loop bamboo fabric, the Bamboo Jersey Lined Bands are lined with same soft bamboo jersey as our BAMs. This silky soft fabric has the same thermoregulating properties as any made of bamboo, providing a layer of warmth in a deceptively thin fabric.

Ponya Bands' Bamboo Jersey Lined Band and BAM side by side

Of course, since the bamboo jersey is a lining, the bands have an outer layer of spandex or another bamboo jersey fabric, giving you that little extra. Worn alone, they are the perfect bridge accessory in fall weather. Worn in combination with our BAM or a hat, and they will see you through the coldest runs, hikes, and workouts in comfort.

Ponya Tip: Wear under one of our BAMs on days you know you will warm up. You can pull the BAM down as a neck gaiter when you no longer need it as a headband or use it to wipe your face.

 They are wide enough to cover ears

The wind and cold can get the tips of your ears while the top of your head is sweating. The 4 inch standard width of the Bamboo Jersey Lined Sweatbands helps keep your ears warm on those chilly and/or windy days when a hat is too much. 

Woman in Ponya Bands' Bamboo Lined Jersey Band in front of fence with Ponya BAM around neck

Bonus, if you have a problem keeping earbuds in, you can pull them down a bit farther to help keep them put. We’ve all had the sweaty, moving earbud moment.
Ponya Tip: Layer under or over a baseball hat on rainy days. It will help keep your ears and your earbuds dry. 

They are gentle on hair and heads

Lots of us have hair issues in the winter between dry air, wind, and cold leading to more frizz, breakage, and general hair unruliness. For curly girls, it can be even tougher. We have to give our hair special tlc, and these bands are the ultimate in that. The lack of any nap or texture in and the smooth weave help minimize frizz.

Closeup of Ponya Bands' Bamboo Jersey Lined Band lining

The width just increases the comfort level by dispersing pressure and providing a level of protection at your hair’s most vulnerable spot, the hair line. Bamboo’s hypoallergenic properties are a plus as well, making them suitable for sensitive skin and scalps.

Ponya Tip: Slip one on pulled just below your hairline under your fashion winter hats. This will minimize breakage and frizz at the hairline and can help the hat stay put on windy days.




Getting out in the cold weather doesn’t have to be miserable. Just make sure you have the right gear and layers to get the job done. Try adding one of our Bamboo Jersey Lined bands to your kit. What’s your favorite way to keep your head warm on those cold days? Tell us in the comments below!





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