3 Reasons to Try Ponya's Non-Slip Headbands

Group of Ponya Bands' Non-Slip Headbands


Did you know Ponya is more than just bamboo fabrics and sweatbands? While we did start with a Bamboo Terry-Lined Sweatband, we’re pretty proud of our velvet-lined Non-Slip Headbands as well. Meant to hold hair comfortably out of your face and not slip, they combine function with fashion for every day wear or light workouts like yoga (non-hot yoga of course!).

If you’re completely new to Ponya Bands or have just stuck with the various sweatbands, it’s worth exploring our non-slips as well. This post will cover three reasons you should try a Non-Slip Headband.


As with all of our bands, the Non-Slip Headbands are designed in a single piece without pressure points, so you will never get a headache from them. The stretch in the crushed velvet lining makes sure the band conforms to a wide range of head sizes, from children to adults. But unlike many stretchy headbands, the non-slips retain their shape, never stretching out for good. They’ll fit just as well after 50 wears as on the first, so you don’t end up with a drawer of stretched out headbands that no longer fit.

Woman in Fiberoptic Non-Slip Headband

Additionally, the softness of the crushed velvet lining means no irritation to your skin or scalp and no damage to your hair. They leave no dents or breakage whether worn above or below your hairline.

Ponya Tip: Make sure the center of the seam is directly in line with the middle of the nape of your neck before pulling over your hair. Getting the band lined up first will make it easier to put it on without missing any hair.


A favorite for every day wear, the Non-Slip Headbands come in a variety of solids, classic patterns, and more whimsical patterns as well as variety of widths. Looking for a narrow classic black to wear to work or a something more glittery for a special occasion? There’s a non-slip for that!

Five Non-Slip Headbands

The multiple widths include 1”, 1.5", and 2" and you can wear them below or above your hairline. Whether you’re wearing your hair up or down, there’s a width for you for any occasion.

Ponya Tip: If you can't decide on a pattern or color, try a mystery pack from the Sale page. After all, who doesn't like a pretty surprise? 

Truly Non-Slip

The best thing about our Non-Slip Headbands is they truly are just that, non-slip. The magic is in the crushed velvet lining. Unlike smooth fabrics like jerseys, velvet has a nap. The nap is the texture of the fabric, raised fibers put there on purpose. Nap often makes a fabric look different color shades depending on the angle, which gives the fabric dimension and sheen. Think of the way a velvet dress seems to shimmer based on its movement.

Closeup of velvet lining of Non-Slip Headband

That nap on the crushed velvet lining of our non-slips creates a smooth direction and a slightly rougher direction. This rougher direction is what gently grabs on to your hair to keep it in place. Wearing your non-slip with the logo on the left make sure the nap is grabbing hold in the right direction, ensuring it won’t slip.

Ponya Tip: The Non-Slip Headbands are great for young children as the bands grab on to the softest of hair and won't slip through a long day of school and play.


Our Non-Slip Headbands live up to their promise, a comfortable, truly non-slip headband that will keep your hair out of your face with no pressure points or headaches. With a variety of colors and patterns as well as widths, there's a non-slip for everyone!

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