3 Reasons Why Our Twist Bands Are the Perfect Fall Accessory

Ponya Bands Lilac Twist Band

When leaves start to fall, many of us reach for our coziest clothes and anything apple cider or pumpkin. The shortened days seem to tap into a primordial instinct to nest. We want to nestle under a blanket whether at home, a football game, or a cross country meet. We want to be comfortable on those days with cool mornings and warm afternoons. And we want something to carry us through busy days with no fuss. Enter our Twist Bands! Made of thermal-regulating bamboo jersey, they are the cozy sweatpants of our bands.

This post will cover three reasons our Twist Bands are the perfect fall accessory for running errands or snuggling at home.


Our Twist Bands can be worn in two different ways: with the twist in front and with the twist in back. While they can be worn both ways with a ponytail or bun, wearing the twist in front can also be used for sleeping for wavy/curly/coily girls along with a pineapple. For hair down days, wear the twist in the back for a kerchief look. The twist in back is also great for covering grown out roots or bangs and protecting more fragile hairlines.

Either way you choose to wear it, you can pull the band over or behind your ears depending on temperature. If it’s chilly or windy, pull down over the ears and tuck behind as it warms up.


Fall weather can be unpredictable. It can get cold quickly, and we all reach for knit caps. They may be soft, but the frizz! Oh the frizz when you take one off, whether your hair is straight or wavy/curly/coily. Twist Bands are ideal for layering underneath a knit hat or cap to keep frizz at bay. Bonus, it keeps any weird dents from your cap at bay as well.

You can also layer a Twist Band under or over a brimmed hat or visor on rainy or windy runs to keep your ears covered. It can also help protect ear buds or bone conduction headphones on those rainy runs.


Let’s face it, whether you leave the house in them or not, everyone has a pair of comfy pants, the pants you put on when you just want to relax. Our Twist Bands are those pants in headband form. With no pressure points, like all of our bands, the stretch in the bamboo jersey hugs your head in silky softness.

Released so far in solid colors, they go with all your favorite fall sweaters and sweatshirts too. Dress them up or down, your head and hair will be as cozy as the rest of you.


As you reach for those fall wardrobe staples, add a Twist Band to your accessories. They are the perfect go-to for everyday whether you want to feel comfortable and look pulled together or relax at home in a messy bun.

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