3 Ways to Keep Cool with Bamboo Sweatbands

The hot and humid days are upon us, those days where you can wring out every single piece of clothing you have on as soon as you finish a run, down to your socks. This time of year, keeping cool becomes a top priority for everyone. For athletes, this becomes even more important, and staying hydrated and in the shade isn’t always enough. And sometimes the shade seems non-existent.

Road in sun

While admittedly nothing will make you completely comfortable being active in the heat, any little bit helps. Our customers have 3 ways to make the most of our Bamboo Sweatband’s thermo-regulating power.

Bamboo Sweatband Close Up

  1. Dip it in cold water—Before you set out for your run our outdoor workout, rinse your Bamboo Sweatband in cold water until it’s soaking before putting it on. Don’t worry that it’s already wet! It will still wick the sweat away. Pre-wetting it just jump-starts its cooling power. Jessica Smith swears by this method on the hottest days. The excess moisture just drips down the nape of your neck, cooling you even more. If it feels too warm mid-run, wet it again in cold water for another jump start.
  2. Wet it and freeze it—Kristi Roach takes pre-wetting her sweatband one step further by soaking it in cold water and putting it in the freezer for a brief amount of time before heading out. Talk about instant cooling power! This trick is especially good for when you have to get out in the heat of the day. From personal experience, the little tube in the back where the seams meet is also perfect for sticking in small pieces of ice from aid stations during races as well.
  3. Change it out—On the longest of runs, one Ponya Band isn’t always enough. Crossfitter and ultrarunner Karin Hand always takes a couple of extra Bamboo Sweatbands on her long runs and races to swap out. She says, “When running ultra races, I like to switch out my headbands like I would switch my socks. Having a fresh headband gives me that little bit of freshness to keep me cool and going for the distance. I carry headbands in a zip bag in my pack on long training runs for the same reason." You can always wet an extra one at an aid station or with some of the water you have on hand for a little extra jump start.

Bamboo Sweatband on Beach

Try one or more of these strategies to keep cool on your next run or workout on a hot day. We want to hear from our Ponya community. After all, who knows how to make the most of our bands more than our customers? 

If you’ve already tried one of these methods, comment below and let us know which you prefer and why. And if you have any other tips or tricks for staying cool with your Ponya Bands, comment below as well. 

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