5 Ways Ponya Bands Stands Out

Ponya Bands customers always stand out because they can’t quit talking about the bands and brand. Whether they are at a race, a soccer game with their kids, a spin class, or just running errands, our customers are always willing to chat about their favorite bands. With all of the headbands on the market, what makes Ponya Bands special? What makes us different? 

This blog post will cover 5 ways Ponya Bands stand out over the competition and are a mainstay in our customer’s closets.

  1. Premium fabrics—The bamboo and velvet fabrics we use offer different benefits. The velvet nap of our Non-Slip Headbands also ensures those bands stay put (remember, logo on the left with the panda right side up) and eliminate damage. Both of the bamboo fabric types we use, micro-terry and jersey, help regulate temperature and absorb sweat while keeping frizz at bay. The channels in our micro-terry bamboo lining of our Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatbands helps wick sweat away, while our wider Bamboo Jersey Lined Bands, Twist Bands, and BAMs help cover your ears and keep you warm. 
  2. Comfort—One benefit is the same across all of our bands, outrageous comfort. Between the softness of the fabrics and the clever design that eliminates any pressure points, you’ll forget you have them on. The Twist Bands and BAMS in particular are perfect for a cozy feel, like sweatpants for your head but fashionable. 
  3. Versatility—With whimsical prints, classic prints, and a wide variety of solids in addition to our variety of types of bands, there’s a Ponya Band perfect for nearly any occasion. You can wear tacos to your next Taco Tuesday themed run, mountains on your next hike, or even a leopard print to spice things up. If patterns aren’t your thing, we have plenty of solids as well from bright colors to neutrals. Our Non-Slip Headbands are worn by many professionals and are a favorite of nurses.
  4. Handmade—Ponya Bands are proudly woman made as well as woman owned and ran. (Fun fact: all Ponya’s employees are women!) Our headbands aren’t sewn in a factory; they are sewn by one woman, Danielle, at her home on her machine. This personal touch allows us to make bands to order, fill custom orders, and ensure quality control. We stand by our bands.
  5. Customer Service—Because Ponya is a small business, your emails and notes on orders go to a real person, the founder and heart of the business, Judy. From taking custom orders to making sure buttons get added to bands they are requested on to just making your order is right, Judy does it. You will often see here at race expos and may even get a handwritten note from her with your order, adding more of that personal touch. And we’re always interested in hearing suggestions from our wonderful Ponya community. This interaction is truly the best part of the business.

      We are proud of our products and people here at Ponya Bands. From selecting the perfect fabrics to packing and shipping, the utmost care and personal touch goes in to each order. What do you love most about Ponya Bands? Tell us in the comments below!



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