Who makes the best local activewear in Louisville?

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Shopping local is even more important now with so many small businesses struggling. And while you may love our Ponya Bands, you can’t wear them alone. You have to wear clothes too. The good thing is, shopping local isn’t limited to brick and mortar stores.

Many local businesses have embraced the convenience of online shopping and freedom of not keeping up a physical storefront. We are always on the lookout for other small businesses that share our values, and we found some! In this post, we cover three local activewear brands you should check out and support.

Eleide Activewear

Bold and beautiful, this brand of tennis skirts and more created by Eleide, a Brazilian immigrant turned American citizen, can help you feel your fabulous best on the tennis court. They want to bring the colors and spirit of Brazil, Carnival, and the Amazon Rainforest to workout wear, and they certainly do! Luxe fabrics, flattering silhouettes, and bright patterns as well as solid-colored mainstays make these go-to staples in your wardrobe.

Eleide offers a variety of lengths in their tennis skirts as well as breathable tanks and some leggings as well. Eliede can take you from the court to the dance floor or out for drinks in style. Pair with our Bamboo Wristbands and one of our headbands to top off your tennis court style and perform your best. 

Check out their beautiful designs at Eleide Activewear’s online store as well as their Facebook page.


IOGA Activewear

Started by another Brazilian turned Louisvillian, Thairine Tiwari, IOGA’s mission is “to provide high quality and high-end fitness wear with trendy and stunning prints for active woman,” and they certainly fulfill that. After bringing home clothes from trips to Brazil, she noticed they were perfect for keeping comfortable during hot yoga, and the idea for the company began.

Thairine found the perfect fabric for her purposes, Polyamide, a synthetic fabric that is tear-proof, abrasion resistant, stretchy, and crease-free, providing the best in form and function. Her brother and husband worked with her to get IOGA off the ground, and she hasn’t looked back. 

IOGA makes leggings, both full length and capri, and crop tops, as well as some one-pieces with both short and long sleeves. These clothes are all uber comfortable and allow you to concentrate on your workout, feeling your best. Pair with one of our Non-Slip Headbands for yoga or one of our Bamboo-Lined Sweatbands for spin to feel extra fashionable and keep your hair out of the way.

Check out IOGA Activewear’s online store as well as their Facebook page and their Instagram account for all of your yoga or workout clothes needs.


Cannonball Swimwear

Laura Patterson, a 3rd generation dressmaker and native Louisvillian is the brains and hands behind Cannonball Swimwear. Her handmade, reversible swimsuits exemplify her brand and family’s values of hard work and attention to detail. She brings the spirit of adventure to her designs while making suits that are flattering on many body types.

Versatile and available in solids and fun patterns, Cannonball’s swimsuits will make you actually want to put them on and show them off. They offer one pieces, two pieces, hats, and rash guards, so you can feel comfortable and confident at the pool, lake, or ocean.

Laura says, “My wish for you that you love your body in all you wear.” And we certainly agree. Browse Cannonball Swimwear’s store site as well as their Facebook page and Instagram accounts.



If you’re not in the Louisville area, check out the local brands near you that are available online. A simple Google search of “local” plus “activewear” can help you find some gems in your area that you may have missed. Supporting local and supporting small businesses is more important now than ever, and supporting these brands will help you feel good about and in your purchases. What are some of your favorite local brands where you are? Why? Tell us in the comments below.



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