Community Spotlight: Bekah Olson

Woman in Bamboo Jersey Lined Sweatband

Meet Bekah Olson, one of our new Ponya Bands Ambassadors! Now living in her home state of Washington once again, Bekah was a Louisville resident for 5 years and a familiar face in the local running scene. She has helped pace many to personal bests over her time in Louisville through both Fleet Feet and Moms Run/She Runs This Town and always with the biggest smile.

Married to her high school sweet heart and a mom of three, she discovered her love of running when her kids were little. Over the years she progressed from sprint triathlons to half marathons to marathons. While she enjoyed her time in the Bluegrass state, moving back home to Washington has been a blessing. Bekah said “I am happiest when surrounded by our beautiful mountains.” 

Man and woman in mountains

One of the bonuses of her time in Louisville was finding Ponya Bands. “I discovered Ponya Bands while I was working at Fleet Feet Louisville,” explained Bekah. “I really enjoyed selling such a great local product that is so well-loved. I appreciate the function and all the fun designs.”

As a curly girl who runs, Bekah knows the struggle of trying to keep it all contained and undamaged. For that, she likes the Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatbands, the widest of our sweatbands because they keep her curls contained. When it comes to pattern, she always looking to the peaks, like her favorite Mountain High “because I love the teals and blues and had to rep my mountains!” 

Woman at finish line with medal

A certified Personal Trainer and Running Coach and coordinator of Fleet Feet Tacoma’s training programs, Bekah has big plans ahead. “As a runner I never imagined that I would do big races but have managed to qualify and run the Boston Marathon twice, and I got in to Chicago Marathon for 2022,” Bekah expounded. “I kind of feel like I am on a roll, so NYC is next on the list!” We’ll all be cheering her on for sure!


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