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Any triathlete will tell you that they would love to find a store that can help them with gear for all three sports. If you live in the Charleston, South Carolina area, you actually have it! Blue Sky Endurance is a multi-sport specialty retail shop in Mount Pleasant founded and owned by Catherine Hollister. They offer swim, bike, run and triathlon gear, services and coaching to help you swim stronger, bike faster, run longer, train smarter. Whether you need gear, advice, or even a bike, Blue Sky Endurance has you covered all under one roof.

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A mom, runner, and triathlete, Catherine founded Blue Sky Endurance to be more than just a retail store. In addition to coaching services, they offer training plans and most importantly, training groups. It’s a community of like-minded people who support and encourage each other, train together, and have fun. Your Sky. Your Limit.

Ponya is proud to partner with this woman-led store with a focus on quality products and community, everything we love. They also have a robust online store with everything from shoes and apparel to training plans available.

A past Blue Sky Endurance sales rep, Leigh Kimball, turned Catherine on to Ponya Bands. “Our customers are always looking for good gear that performs well but also looks good,” she explained. “We won't bring in just any cute headband. It has to be cute and highly functional. I personally try everything before we bring it into the shop and I usually can't wear headbands because they give me a headache. This is the only headband that doesn't squeeze but stays put on your head AND has tons of cute patterns.”

Catherine’s personal favorite pattern is Leo, our leopard print, in the Bamboo Jersey Lined Sweatband. As she said “It fuels my inner cheetah!” For her customers, she thinks Ponya Bands make great gifts particularly for indoor cyclists or Peloton users. “It seriously catches the sweat during those hard indoor workouts,” she stated.

If you’re in or traveling through the Low Country, stop by Blue Sky Endurance to see what they have to offer both in ways of products and advice. If you’re not in the area, check out their online store for quality gear and apparel. It will totally be worth it!







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