Community Spotlight: Cardinal Uniforms and Scrubs

Cardinal Uniforms and Scrubs--DuPont Location

It’s no secret that Ponya loves the medical community; our button bands were created to meet the needs of nurses and other healthcare professionals who need to wear masks for prolonged periods. We also believe in small businesses, especially local, family-owned ones, like Cardinal Uniforms and Scrubs. They currently have 5 locations to serve medical professionals in the Kentuckiana area, providing scrubs, shoes, and other medical apparel.

Inside of Cardinal Uniforms and Scrubs--Jeffersonville

Ron Tucker opened Cardinal Uniforms and Scrubs in 1995.  Ron had been on the road as a vendor representative selling to scrub retailers in multiple states. “He started when nurses were wearing dresses!,” explained his daughter-in-law Carre Tucker. “He opened the first store in a small storefront inside the Village 8 complex. Very quickly he moved across the hall to a larger space and we’ve been growing ever since to serve Kentucky and Indiana medical professionals.” The stores are light, airy, and welcoming, making them an idea one-stop shop for any medical professional.

Inside Cardinal Uniforms and Scrubs DuPont location

In their mission to serve the medical community, Cardinal Uniforms and Scrubs has remained responsive to their needs by adding services and, most recently, they launched a new webstore in April 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two years ago, Ponya Bands came to the store's attention. Another local retailer called to let them know his fiancée works at UK Hospital, and all of her friends were buying these Non-Slip Headbands. The suggestion to start carrying the bands was a great one, and Cardinal Uniforms and Scrubs has been carrying them at all five of their locations ever since.

Ponya Bands display at Cardinal Uniforms and Scrubs

Ponya’s Non-Slip Headbands, especially with buttons, work perfectly for medical professionals. Your band will stay put on the finest of hair, keeping your hair out of the way with no adjusting. They fit well on top of surgical caps, and the buttons keep your ears comfortable all day.

Not only is Cardinal Uniforms and Scrubs responsive to their customers’ needs, that care extends to their employees. “Most of our team has worked with us for over 15 years, some since the beginning in 1995,” said Carre. “We are blessed to have an amazing team that cares so much for our customers.”

Cardinal Uniforms and Scrubs Team

Cardinal Uniforms and Scrubs keeps on growing. They are contuining to expand their webstore and are making other POS system upgrades. Follow them on Facebook to stay updated with all of their latest happenings! 

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