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Do you need a fresh perspective on your hair? Are you looking for that personalized experience with a plan of action to meet your hair goals? Or do you just want a fabulous cut and blowout? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, Hair Bar Louisville is for you! Owner and master stylist Jennifer Cook makes sure every client feels their best.

At her Hair Bar Louisville, you can get everything from a wedding look to extensions to custom color, facial waxing, makeup services, and traditional cuts and styles. Using Keune Hair Cosmetics color and products, including conditioning treatments, they will give your hair the tender loving care it needs.

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Jennifer is a wife, mom of three boys, a triathlete, and a hairstylist of 17 years. “I started Hair Bar 7 years ago, working by myself in a 150 sq ft studio,” she explained. “When Covid hit and salons were shut down, I pivoted and now have a bigger space, 10 employees between 2 beauty businesses. It's been a crazy but very fun ride!”

Jennifer came upon Ponya Bands at the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon Expo a few years ago. “I have a ton of hair, and as a hairstylist, I am always trying to make it look cute, even when running!” she said. “I bought 3 that day and have never used another headband while running since!”

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Like many, Ponya’s combination of comfort, fashion, and function won Jennifer over. “They stay put without giving you a headache, they have a print to match every outfit, and they don't mess up your hair,” she enthused. “I am a huge advocate for not washing your hair every day, so if I can go for a run and refresh my hair to go into work, that is a big win for me!”

She is obsessed with the 3-inch Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatbands. As she related, “I love that they are great at absorbing sweat, and the bigger size is better for holding all of my hair back without putting a dent in it, so I can easily restyle it after my workout.”

In fact, Jennifer loves Ponya Bands so much, they offer them for sale in Hair Bar Louisville. “Introducing products I love to my clients and coworkers just makes sense!,” she enthused. “I also love supporting another local, woman-owned business.” We totally agree, of course!

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After surviving COVID shutdowns and attracting a small team of talented stylists, Hair Bar Louisville is focused on growth and is always accepting new clients. “I have discovered my passion for mentoring new stylists and want to educate and empower them to become successful professionals in the beauty industry,” Jennifer concluded. “The beauty industry is booming right now and I am excited to create a space where beauty professionals can thrive!”

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