Community Spotlight: Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith demoing a wall in Ponya Bands Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatband

Jessica Smith, like many, is a wife and stay-at-home mom, but unlike many, she experiences both ends of the motherhood spectrum at the same time with a 17-year-old and a 4 year-old. Add in the recent purchase and renovation of a 50 year old farm house on 69 acres, and you have one busy woman.

A Maryland native, Jessica and her husband moved to southern Indiana 22 years ago so he could attend law school. When she decided to start stroller running with her youngest, she found the local Moms Run This Town chapter and, of course, Ponya Bands. As Jessica says, “It was love at first sight!”

Woman after race in Ponya Bands Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatband

Jessica loves Ponya Bands for both the function and the look.  Her bands stay in place no matter what she’s doing, and she does a lot. Between being active with her children and renovation work, she still makes time for exercise and is constantly on the move. “Ponya is a daily part of my life,” she explains. “Exercise and pandemic hair have me sporting my Ponya Bands pretty much 24/7 these days!”

Woman kissing toddler son on forehead in Ponya Bands Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatbands

Jessica is a fan of both the non-slips and sweatbands. She prefers the 2 Inch Non-Slip Headband for every day around the house. For exercise and running, she grabs her Bamboo Jersey Lined Sweatbands. Jessica says “They are a lifesaver when it comes to keeping sweat off of my face.” In addition to that, she also loves the bonus that they cover your roots.

Woman and toddler son in Ponya Bands Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatbands

She also loves the wide variety of “amazing designs,” as she describes them. Her current favorite is the Conversation Hearts print because, as she says, “It’s just so colorful and it makes me happy whenever I wear it!”

Woman in Ponya Bands Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatband with teenage daughter

Jessica’s short term goals are to finish up renovations on their new homestead to be able to move in this spring. In the long term, she and her husband are thinking about raising chickens and bees once they get moved in and have been busy researching as well. Her long term goals getting back into a regular running routine after some injury setbacks. Give her a wave if you see her out in the area!






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That’s my cousin! She is an amazing woman, an inspiration to many. Love you Jess💜💜🌸🌸


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