Community Spotlight: Katie B.

Katie B Running in Ponya Bands Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatband

If you follow runners on Instagram, you’ve likely seen Katie B.’s smiling face as half of 2fabfitchicks. These two running friends chronicle their races and training on their blog and Insta page. They also serve as ambassadors for Honey Stinger, Brooks Running, Zensah, SOS Hydration, MyStryde, and Fré. They only represent brands they believe in and use, and Katie proudly sports her Ponya Bands and shares them to their stories frequently.

Katie is 38 years old and has been running for over 25 years, covering distances short and long and a variety of surfaces. She currently lives in Atlanta and works in marketing. She also has a very hyper, and photogenic, dog named Teddy.

Katie in Ponya Bands Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatband with her dog Teddy

Katie’s running journey started fairly early. She always played soccer and was active, so she joined the cross country team in junior high because that was the only choice in the fall. With this background, she took to running naturally, competing in the Junior Olympics and later as an All-State runner in high school. At Boston College, she trained on the famous Boston Marathon course.

Several years ago, she discovered Ponya Bands on Instagram and has been obsessed ever since. Between performance and style, she was hooked. “They stay in place,” explained Katie. “They keep the sweat out of my eyes (Atlanta in the summer is no joke for heat and humidity) and the patterns are the cutest.”

Two pictures of Katie stretching in Ponya Bands Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatband

In fact, Ponya bands have become a staple of her running gear. “I wear Ponya basically every day when I run, “ she said. “I never workout without one on! It’s part of my running clothes.” She loves the Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatbands, and she has over 20 different bands now. Like potato chips, you can never have just one or two or three or even four!

Like many of us, Katie’s short term goals are to stay healthy and keep on running. Unlike many of us, her long term goal is to break 3 hours in the marathon. With a marathon best of 3:01, it’s just a matter of time and hard work!







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