Community Spotlight: Kristi Roach

Woman in Ponya Bands Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatband with balloons and medal from marathon

One of the things we love about our Ponya community is their ability to overcome challenges. Kristi Roach is a shining example of this. From managing multiple severe chronic illnesses to working as a pediatric nurse at Norton Children’s Hospital, she finds time for running and life.

Running long distances certainly presents its own special challenges for Kristi as nutrition and hydration aren’t as simple for her to take in, but she persists and succeeds. And she does it all with a smile and welcoming nature. You can often find her at She Runs This Town Louisville events and Kentuckiana area races.

“I started running about 4.5 years ago, and I’ve been in love with it ever since,” Kristi explained. “When I’m not running or working, I’m hanging out with my fiancé and planning for our May wedding!” And she wears Ponya Bands for it all, running, work, and every day.

A 7 time half-marathoner, Kristi finished her first marathon November 2021 and set a personal best time for the half-marathon in fall of 2021 as well. She couldn’t have achieved her running goals without her local Fleet Feet training group both in the past and now. In their 2021 year-end celebration, Kristi earned the MVP award for “the runner who never gives up and never surrenders.”

Woman in Ponya Bands Non-Slip Headband with card that says "I am unstoppable #beyou"

The Fleet Feet training group is also where Kristi was introduced to Ponya Bands. “I spent years trying to find a ‘non-slip’ headband with no luck, until I found Ponya Bands,” she reflected. “To this day, it’s the only headband I’ve found that doesn’t budge.” She loves the Non-Slip Headbands for everyday wear but prefers the Bamboo Terry-Lined Sweatbands for running.

When asked about favorite patterns, she gave a familiar response, “I have way too my patterns to pick a favorite.” Who doesn’t have that problem? She added “but recently my most worn one is the silver and white snowflakes because it’s perfect for winter.” 

Ponya Bands' customer on couch

Moving in to spring, Kristi is focusing on shorter distances, training for the Louisville Triple Crown of Running and Kentucky Derby Festival Mini-Marathon. And she is ecstatic that group runs have started again. Follow her on Instagram to share in her running journey and see how she overcomes her obstacles on her way to her dreams.

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