Community Spotlight: Steph Sersen

Steph Sersen scuba diving in Ponya Bands Non-Slip Headband

Meet Stephanie Sersen, aka Steph! A 38-year-old adventure seeking gal working hard to live her best life! You may recognize her from her appearance on Married at First Sight from Lifetime where she met and married AJ Vollmoeller. Both before and after the show, adventure and travel are two mainstays in her life.

Steph discovered Ponya Bands from a fellow scuba diver, and that was it. “A lot of my adventures include messy hair: scuba diving, boating, moped riding, and more, and I’ve always had issues with hair falling in my face and hair bands flying off my head,” said Steph. “I’m so grateful for Ponya bands to solve this issue for me!”

She currently lives in Florida with the two h’s: heat and humidity. Ponya Bands are her go-to for every day as well as on dives. “Everyday in Florida is hot and I’m active,” Steph said. “So Ponya keeps my hair in place without slipping everyday during all my activities!” 

Steph Sersen on boat in Ponya Bands Non-Slip Headband

Steph's obsessed with Ponya’s non-slip headbands. She explained, “I’ve never worn a headband that doesn’t slip off during my hard core activities! And such cute patterns!” That the non-slips stay put even during scuba diving is a testament to the power of the velvet non-slip lining.

Her favorite band is the 1.5” non-slip Turtle band. Between the band design and pattern, it’s perfect for scuba diving. Who doesn’t want to wear a turtle band while possibly encountering sea turtles?

Steph Sersen scuba diving with flashlight in Ponya Bands Non-Slip Headband

Steph has some big goals, and Ponya will be by her side and on her head. “My short term goal is to dive all top 10 shipwrecks of the Florida keys before Dec 2021,” Steph elaborated. “Long term, my top bucket list places to dive with Ponya Bands are the Galápagos Islands and Egypt!” One of our Turtle bands in the Galapagos? Yes please! Follow Steph on Instagram for her travel stories, tips, and adventures.



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