Customer Spotlight--Dianna Seda

While Ponya Bands is based in Louisville, Kentucky, our community extends much further, like longtime customer Dianna Seda from Atlanta, Georgia.

Woman in race with arms spread out in Ponya Bands' Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatband

Like most of our Ponya community, she wears several hats. She’s an executive producer for Saturn Moon Beach Productions, which makes narrative films providing a culturally responsible message. In her spare time, she’s a runner and yogi and often travels to all over the country to race.

In fact, traveling to a race is how she met our band leader Judy and found Ponya Bands. Dianna traveled to Louisville in 2013 for her very first trail half marathon. Her race was at the rugged but beautiful Bernheim Forest, which offers quite a challenge with its big climbs and rocky trails. At the time, Dianna was working for Fleet Feet Elmhurst, so she stopped in the Louisville store to say “hi.”

“As luck would have it,I was introduced to Judy who had recently started her Ponya Band company,” said Dianna. And as we all know, once you meet Judy, you’re hooked! Her enthusiasm for the brand and product pulls you in. Dianna purchased her first band, a Louisville themed Bamboo-lined Sweatband that says “Girls Run This Town." She still wears it!

Ponya Bands Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatbands on the Beach

That was that. Dianna discovered the magic of Ponya Bands. “They are the only headbands that I have found that keep the sweat out of my eyes,” she explained. “Living in Atlanta, it is hot and humid especially when training. It is a necessity to have a headband that works and works well.”

Travelling so much to race means Dianna has attended many fitness expos. She knows a standout product when she sees one, just like she knows a good story. “There is nothing like Ponya Bands on the market,” she said when asked what draws her back to Ponya Bands again and again. “I have yet to find a better made, more adaptable headband than Ponya Bands. There just isn’t anything that stands up to the quality of Ponya Bands.” The fact that Dianna still wears a band she bought in 2013 certainly speaks to that!

Woman in Ponya Bands' Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatband with hair down

She doesn’t just wear her bands for running, yoga, and cross training either. “Ponya Bands are not only functional but so very cute!,” she said. “I love that there is so much variety that I can pair them up with a running outfit and make a fashion statement when I’m out.” 

If you see Dianna at a race or expo near you, don’t be surprised. She still finds a way to make the time, even with as busy as she is with Saturn Moon Beach Productions. They have one film out, one completed, and three in development. 

The fabulous thing about Ponya’s distinctive design and logo means the community can spot each other when out and about. Keep an eye out for those pandas peeking out behind the left ear. And let’s cheer each other on in all of our endeavours!






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