Customer Spotlight: Jinky Brown and her Non-Slip Headbands

Jinky Brown creekside in Ponya Bands' Non-Slip Headband

A big part of what makes Ponya Bands so special is our community. Spotting someone in one of our bands in the wild is an instant connection and conversation starter. The patterns and unique design are recognizable right away, as is that panda logo peeking out from the side!

This week, we feature customer Jinky Brown. Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, where she also met her husband, she’s lived all over the country before settling in Louisville, Kentucky, Ponya’s home base. A former high school French teacher, she is currently a stay-at-home mom with her precious three-year-old Indie and a private tutor.

Jinky has been active her whole life, playing beach volleyball, a very Florida sport, and kayaking. In 2010, she started running as a way to de-stress from a long day of teaching. Like many of us, running didn’t come easy for her at first, saying “I could barely run half a mile in the Florida heat without having to stop every 100 meters!” With heat and humidity bearing down on us in Kentucky with no relief in sight right now, that experience has served her well.

Jinky Brown in Ponya Bands' Non-Slip Headband and friend with medals at finish line

After signing up for a few local 5Ks, she was hooked! Now, she’s run several half marathons and two marathons, Rock and Roll Savannah in 2014 and Jacksonville Marathon in 2020, with a goal of running a marathon in all 50 states. Competitive with herself, she’s always trying to set a PR at any distance she races.

Jinky Brown running a 5K PR in Ponya Bands' Non-Slip Headband

As a mother, Jinky has had to balance her running with parenting and running when she can. An active member of the Moms Run This Town Louisville chapter’s stroller running crew, she has run many miles pushing a stroller, including “breakfast on the run” and “naps on the run.” She’s proverbially hung up the stroller and now fits in runs and workouts whenever she can. Jinky explains “I try to fit in blocks of time to workout while my daughter is awake. Sometimes, she likes to join in and work out with me,” which is role modeling at its best.

Jinky discovered Ponya Bands from another stroller mama. She recollects “It was the best day ever. I have very fine hair so I have always had trouble finding a headband that would stay in place. If it did stay in place, I usually had a headache by the end of the run because it was usually tight."

It’s no surprise then that our crushed velvet Non-Slip Headbands quickly became her favorite. In fact, Indie picked out Jinky’s “lucky” Ponya Band, Midnight Lights, about 2 years ago. She’s worn it in her first postpartum half marathon, her 5K PR race, and the Jacksonville Marathon. It has served her well as she runs some of her best times in them since she doesn’t have to worry about slippage or hair getting in her face.

A tiny powerhouse, she's raced and run in some tough conditions for sure and praises the Non-Slip Headbands for any condition: “I’ve run through long training runs in the rain and wind and a marathon with these headbands. They don’t budge at all!” Jinky loves them for her daily yoga practice and strength workouts as well. She notes that Ponya Bands are great for runner and anyone who is active, and she is certainly proof.

Jinky Brown running marathon in Non-Slip Headband

Jinky actually wears the Non-Slip Headband almost daily because “as a mom, I can throw on a pretty band and look ‘put together’ even if I don’t feel like it.” All moms can relate to that! She also loves that Ponya is woman owned and ran as well as involved in the local community, noting the openness to customer feedback and personal touch.

The appreciation definitely goes both ways! We wouldn’t be here without loyal customers who love our products and talk about them any chance they get, which Jinky certainly does.

As she prepares to embark on a new journey, seeking out an accelerated B.S. in nursing this fall, her Non-Slip Headbands are going along with her. In the meantime, she’s looking forward to spending time with her family and slowly seeing more friends, most likely wearing a Ponya Band. Which is your favorite band and pattern? Comment below and share your love of our bands as well!

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