How Ponya Band sweatbands can help beat the summer heat

If you're like us, you hate getting sweat in your eyes while attempting to concentrate on a workout. Ponya Bands was founded when our founder, Judy Beyerle, couldn't find a product to keep sweat out of her eyes during exercise. She quickly found out that many others had this same issue and Ponya was born. 

Our sweatbands are different. If you've used a cotton sweatband before, you know cotton holds moisture next to the skin, quickly reaching a saturation point where sweat runs down the face and into the eyes. The lining of our bands contain no cotton and are made with micro-loop bamboo terry fabric. This fabric rivals cotton in its absorbency and also has natural wicking properties, drawing sweat away from your forehead and to the outer part of the sweatband, where it dries quickly.

On top its absorbent and wicking qualities, bamboo fabric has more benefits: 

  • This fabric is thermoregulating - meaning it adjusts to your body temperature. Our bands help keep you cool on hot days and warm on chilly days
  • The bamboo fabric in our bands is hypoallergenic and odor free

And on top of it all - we offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. We think they'll be a game changer for your workouts, but if they're not, just let us know. 

Made for function, we think our Ponya sweatbands are cute too! The outer fabric of our sweatbands is spandex, which we offer a variety of patterns and solid colors. Our sweatbands come in three and four inch widths. We recommend our four inch bands for wearers who prefer a little extra coverage. 

How have our bamboo-lined sweatbands changed your workouts? We are always looking for feedback! Drop us a line at

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