How to Care for Your Ponya Bands

Ponya Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatband on clothing line


You’ve gotten some Ponya Bands and love them. Of course you want to make them last as long as possible. How can you do that? It’s all in the washing and drying! With just a little time, your bands will retain their shape and stretch as well as their beautiful colors. 

This post will cover how to wash and dry your Ponya Bands to keep them in top condition.

Use Gentle Soap

Use fragrance and dye free laundry detergent and never any bleach. No matter how sweaty you get, a gentle laundry soap will work fine for any of our bands. No need to get out the super powered detergent. If you feel your bands are extra grimy, leave them to soak in your laundry soap and water before starting to wash.

Also, avoid fabric softener. It can build up and restrict the breathability of the fabric. Our bands are soft enough on their own!

Ponya Tip: Save your dirty bands for a load by themselves to give them the tic they deserve. 

Wash in Cold

Wash in cold water on gentle/delicates cycle or hand wash. Either method will get our bands clean and fresh without stressing the fabrics. Cold water is key. Hot water can lead colors to bleed and cause fibers to weaken.

Ponya Tip: Try washing them in the shower for the gentlest clean possible.

Avoid the Dryer

Dryers can be the enemy of fabrics. To ensure the integrity of your bands, we recommend line drying. The quick drying property of our bands means it won’t take that much longer than using a dryer.

Ponya Tip: For our BAMs, laying them flat to dry gives that little extra assurance they keep their shape.


We want to make sure your Ponya Bands last a long time. A little extra care in washing and drying can make sure your bands look as good as the day you got them! 

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