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Gift giving can be stressful, and deciding what to pick can often be the worst part. Will they like it? Will they use it? Does it suit them? Let us take some of the guesswork out of gift giving for you. After all, with how easy they are to order online and the careful attention to customer satisfaction, Ponya Bands can help make your holiday shopping experience quicker and more enjoyable.

This post will go over three considerations to help you decide which Ponya Band(s) to give as a gift.

How they will use the band

The first consideration is how the recipient will use their band. Are the bands going to be used for everyday wear or exercise? Are they a runner or spin class devotee? These are all important considerations.

  • For the outdoor exerciser—If the recipient exercises outdoors in all kinds of weather, you can’t go wrong with a Bamboo Jersey Lined Sweatband. Wide enough to cover ears on chilly or windy days and absorbent enough to keep the sweat at bay in spring and fall, this is a band they will get a lot of use out of. They are also excellent for layering under winter hats when it’s super cold.
  • For the indoor exerciser—If the recipient keeps it indoors, then go with our classic Bamboo Terry Lined Sweatband. Our most absorbent and moisture-wicking sweatband, it will keep the sweat out of your eyes during the toughest treadmill workouts and spin classes.
  • For everyday wear—If the recipient would use the band for everyday wear, then you can’t go wrong with our Non-Slip Headbands and Twist Bands. Both help hold hair back without any pressure points and, as always, stay put.

Ponya Tip: If ordering for a nurse, teacher, or someone else who will wear their band at work, consider having buttons added for free to make mask-wearing more comfortable. Just ask us to add buttons in the notes on your order!

How they wear their hair

The next consideration is their hair style and needs. Are they wanting hairline coverage or something to wear with bangs down? Some bands work better if you want to wear bangs down, and others are excellent at covering the hairline and keeping bangs hidden.

  • For the hairline hider—If the recipient likes covering the edge of their hairline, go with our wider sweatbands or even a BAM. These are also all great for curly hair to help keep frizz at bay.
  • For bangs or wearing with hairline showing—If the recipient has bangs they like to wear down or just likes their band to set farther back, go with our Non-Slip Headbands.

Ponya Tip: Twist Bands are the ultimate middle ground as they can hide the hairline with the twist in back and show it with the twist in front.

Their style preferences

The final consideration is pattern preference. Are they more classic or daring in their style? Do they prefer solids or prints? Do they like muted colors or bright? Whatever their style preference, we have something for everyone.

  • Solids—We offer muted colors like lavender and light grey along with classic neutral colors like black. For those who want a brighter pop of color, we have colors like bright turquoise and pinks as well as solid bands with sparkle.
  • Patterns—We also offer patterns from the classic to whimsical with fleurs-de-lis, chevrons, stripes, tacos, flamingos, hearts, and way more. There is a pattern to match nearly every personality.

Ponya Tip: You can filter the bands on our site by solids or patterns using the drop down “Filter by” menu.


No matter your choice, a Ponya Band (or two or three!) can brighten any gift exchange or stocking. Which are your favorites for gift giving? Tell us in the comments!

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