3 Halloween Costume Ideas with Ponya Bands

4 women at Disney Race in costumes and Ponya Bands

You wake up, drink your first cup of coffee, make your mental lists for the day, feel prepared, and then it happens. You see get a calendar notification about a Halloween run or event. You need a costume quickly and easily for you, your child, or both. Sound familiar? You start digging through closets, leaving a pile of clothes in your wake. Maybe you find nothing but regular old clothes. Maybe you find that child’s pair of bunny ears that constantly slide off. Maybe you find a stash of tulle or other fabric and nothing else.

As you panic and scavenger the house, don’t overlook the many ways Ponya Bands can enhance a Halloween costume or tie one together. This post will cover 3 ways you can use Ponya Bands in your Halloween costumes for either you or your children.

  1. Accessorize normal clothes—We’ve all been there. You need a costume and all you can find are your regular old clothes. The right accessory can take your everyday wear and make it come together as a costume.

    For the piratical among us, an Unlined Band can work as a nod to a headscarf, completing the look with any loose white shirt, black pants (or running tights!), and boots. The width and ability to pull it low over the forehead makes them perfect stand-ins for any costume that needs a head scarf.

    Flowing tie dye skirt, a plain top, and a patterned Unlined Band worn in loose hair? Bam! You’re a hippy. Blue jeans, a button up denim shirt, and a Red Bandana print band of any type? You’ll be instantly recognizable as Rose the Riveter. Sheath dress, boots, black eye liner, and a heavy band with a Black Shine Non-Slip Band? Instant Mod.
    Women in Ponya Bands and Running Costumes

  2. Turn a tutu into a character—A tutu alone does not a costume make, and many of us have them laying around from fun runs or our children’s dress up closets. If you don’t and have fabric on hand or are willing to drive to a store, they are quick and easy to make without sewing. You can use a ribbon and tie cut lengths of tulle to it until you get the desired density and make it whatever length you desire.

    The beauty of the tutu is its versatility. Make it longer for a more princess dress or fairy vibe, make it shorter for a ballerina or even a bunny, and make it in any color you want. Ponyas come in with how to make that tutu reflect a character. That way, you’re not just a person in a tutu, you’re something specific.

    Wear your tutu over a close fitting top and running tights. Add a sparkly Ponya Band for instant princess. Add wings to the previous, and you have a fairy. Instead of wings, slick your hair in a bun and add a Non-Slip and flats: ballerina. You can emulate a Disney Princess or be your own princess all on your color and pattern choice.  
    Woman in pirate costume with Ponya Band

  3. Use as base for ears/antennae/horns—The cheap novelty headbands with bunny ears, insect antennae, devil horns, etc. can be hard to resist. They look like such a good idea until you try to keep them on. Ponya Bands to the rescue. They can lend their no slip grip to the novelty headband for either you or your child. Between our solid color bands and the leopard print Leo, there’s something for any creature you can come up with.

    One way is to simply put on your Ponya Band and then the novelty headband over it. If you have an older Ponya you’re willing to sacrifice, you could glue the headband straight to it with a hot glue gun. If you’re handy with a needle and the novelty headband is covered in fabric, a few well-placed stitches can help hold it in place and be easily snipped afterwards.

    Another way is to detach the horns or ears from the novelty band (or make your own out of felt or other material) and attach them to the Ponya Band with either hot glue or small, neat stitches. For a non-permanent fix, you can use sticky backed Velcro to attach the horns or ears and remove it afterwards. This can also work to help attach a novelty headband to a Ponya as well.

While Halloween will surely look different this year, we can still dress up. In fact, keeping up with holiday traditions can help us feel more connected and just plain normal. So don’t panic if you or your child gets a last minute invite or opportunity to dress up. Take a breath, see what you have around you, and don’t forget a Ponya Band can help!

What’s your favorite way to throw together a last minute costume? Tell us in the comments below and tag us in your Halloween photos on Facebook.

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