Introducing a new width for our patterned non-slip headbands!

Ponya Bands’ non-slip headbands are now being offered in a new width! After nearly four years in business, we love seeing the styles and products that our customers prefer, and we shape what Ponya Bands offers around that. We are now adjusting the width of all of our patterned non-slip headbands to 1.5 inches. Headbands in solid colors will continued to be offered in 1 and 2 inch widths.

Starting this month, our regular production will be all patterned fabrics in a 1.5 inch width, and solid fabrics will continue to be made in 1 and 2 inch widths. Previously, we offered all non-slip headbands in 1 and 2 inch widths.

We have decided to make this change based based on customer preferences and feedback. Ponya Bands has tested the new 1.5 inch bands with a group of customers and has received positive reviews from 1 inch and 2 inch headband wearers alike.

However, if you love your patterned headbands in 1 and 2 inch bands, though - don’t fret! Drop us an email at when you’re looking to order new bands; we are happy to make custom orders at no additional charge.

We also will continue to sell our 1 and 2 inch patterned bands on our website until current inventory is sold out.

Visit our headbands page to check out the newest bands! Of all of our patterned bands, 21 are now available in the new width; the remainder of the bands will become available in the coming weeks. If you're looking to stock up on new headbands or try out our bands for the first time, use the code headbands20 at checkout to receive 20 percent off any headbands of your choice now through September 30.


 Here's how our bands are changing: 

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