#PonyaTip: Ways to Wear Your Unlined Band

Ponya Bands Unlined Bands are some of our most versatile products. They can be worn as a headband or sweatband, either for working our or for everyday wear. And like the rest of our bands, they come in a variety of colors and patterns; they also happen to be our most inexpensive item! They're the perfect way to introduce someone new to Ponya Bands' line of athletic headbands and sweatbands. 

As a Sweatband

To wear your Unlined Band as a sweatband, place it to cover as much as all of your forehead or just a bit past your hairline, depending on the amount of coverage you would like. The Unlined Band will absorb sweat as you work out or go about your day; for some extra coverage, try out our heather patterns (below), which are made of a technical fabric for extra absorption. Keeping the band to its full width with make sure your hair stays back while still absorbing sweat from your forehead!

As a Headband

Fold your band in half or along both edges, and wear just past your hair line. This way, your band will stay in place throughout your day or during your run, yoga, or game. It's an awesome and lightweight way to keep your hair back - one less thing to worry about!

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