Ponya Fabrics

Our choice of fabrics for Ponya headbands, sweatbands and accessories is what makes all the difference.


Used in our sweatbands, BAM and wristbands


Bamboo fabric has inherent properties that naturally wick moisture. Most sweatbands have cotton fiber in the lining, which holds the sweat next to your skin. Bamboo wicks the moisture off your forehead and even absorbs sweat better than cotton, keeping sweat from running down your face and into your eyes.

Bamboo also is hypoallergenic, making it non-irritating to the skin. It's naturally anti-bacterial, which helps keep away odor, and is organic. 

Bamboo has natural thermo-regulating qualities. On hot days, moisten the band with water for a cooling effect. During cold weather, pull the band over the ears to keep toasty warm. Bamboo is a very soft fabric that retains it's softness after repeated use and washings. Your workouts will be more comfortable with a bamboo-lined sweatband, it’s just that simple!


Used in our headbands and sweatbands


Spandex is a breathable, fast-drying fabric. Breathable spandex allows for fast drying just like a swim suit. Air flowing through the spandex helps to dry the sweatbands and headbands as quickly as possible.


Used in our headbands


Our non-slip velvet-lined headbands stay in place because velvet fabric has a nap that grabs the hair. Our velvet-lined headbands are a single piece of stretchable fabric, so there is no need for a separate piece of elastic in the back. The single piece construction eliminates pressure points that can cause headaches. This is a comfortable headband that stays in place all day long! 

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Ponya Bands are made in the USA!