What Makes Ponya Different

We believe in function and fashion, in that order. All of our headbands and sweatbands are created with premier fabrics to withstand the toughest workouts, guaranteed. All of our products are offered in a variety of colors and patterns, because life is too short to not wear cute workout gear!

Ponya Bands uses unique and high quality fabrics in our products that make all the difference. All of our products are handmade in the United States for superior quality. Scroll below to read more about the fabrics we use in our products! 


Ponya sweatbands and wristbands are made of bamboo micro-loop terry fabric. Our BAM is made with a bamboo/spandex jersey fabric.

Bamboo fabric is highly absorbent, with unique channels that wick moisture to the outer part of the band, where it dries quickly and prevents oversaturation. Most sweatbands have cotton fiber in the lining, which holds the sweat next to your skin. Bamboo wicks the moisture off your forehead and even absorbs sweat better than cotton, keeping sweat from running down your face and into your eyes.

Some of the many benefits of our bamboo-lined Ponya sweatbands:

  • Super absorbent
  • Contain natural thermo-regulating qualities, which work with body temperature to help keep an individual cooler on hot days and warmer on cool days
  • Hypo-allergenic for sensitive skin
  • Naturally antibacterial and odor-free

Bamboo’s natural wicking qualities and our comfortable design are the key for the unique function of our sweatbands.

Crushed Velvet

Ponya headbands are made with stretch crushed velvet fabric.

Our non-slip crush velvet-lined headbands stay in place because crushed velvet fabric has a nap that grabs the hair. This nap actually grips the hair and holds the band in place like no other, while still remaining comfortable to the wearer. Our crushed velvet-lined headbands are a single piece of stretchable fabric, so there is no need for a separate piece of elastic in the back. The single piece construction eliminates pressure points that can cause headaches. This is a comfortable headband that stays in place all day long!



Ponya headbands and sweatbands are made with spandex.

Spandex is the outer fabric of all of our bands. We use this fabric because it is both functional and fashionable. Spandex provides the stretch needed to conform to the wearer’s head while still remaining comfortable and breathable. It also dries quickly, keeping you comfortable during your workout.

Spandex comes in a variety of colors and patterns, which allows you to purchase bands that suit your personality and express yourself during your workouts - because life is too short to not have cute workout gear!


Headband Construction


Sweatband Construction