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Ponya Bands just celebrated another birthday, and it's a great time to look back. Started in 2012, Ponya began with Bamboo-Lined Sweatbands, and the crushed velvet lined Non-Slip Headbands soon followed. A few more products later, including the BAM and the newest, the Bamboo Jersey Lined Band, and Ponya is going strong with the support of our wonderful community. 

Judy Beyerle, our founder, president and band leader, not only has a great product, she's enthusiastic about her bands as well as being active. Customers feel like they know her from race expos and look forward to running into her on the local trails on her weekend hikes.

Judy sat down for the interview below to talk about Ponya's beginnings and the brand basics. To find out more about our company, click here.

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Q: What is Ponya?

A: Ponya Bands are bamboo-lined sweatbands and non-slip headbands. The company came to fruition out of a personal need. I was working at a specialty running store as a buyer. I went to spin class, which I loved, in a cotton terry sweatband. Midway through the class, I took the saturated, sweat-filled band off and threw it across the room. I could no longer focus with sweat in my eyes. 

The next day, I went into work, voicing my frustration from the previous evening's workout and the owner of the store suggested I "fix it." So I did!

Q: So, how did you "fix it?"

A: I was really familiar with technical fabrics due to my career. I knew that I absolutely did not want any cotton in anything Ponya, since cotton holds moisture against the skin. I did an abundance of research and kept coming back to bamboo fabric. Long story short, our three inch bamboo band was born!

Q: What makes Ponya Bands unique?

A: Our sweatbands have a wicking quality which pulls moisture away from your skin to the outer part of the bamboo fabric to the spandex, where moisture dries quickly and efficiently. (To see more about how our bands work see our product guide.) 

Ponya Bands Non-Slip Headbands and Bamboo Sweatbands

Q: Where is Ponya based? Where are the bands made?

A:  Ponya is based in Louisville, KY. Every band is hand made and shipped out of our Taylorsville, KY production/fulfillment location, providing the highest quality product and customer satisfaction. 


While Ponya Bands are fantastic products, Judy is really what makes the brand special. Responsive, interested in customer feedback, and truly caring and generous, her personal touch makes all the difference. What do you love best about Ponya Bands? Tell us in the comments below!

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