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Women and children in Non-Slip Headbands lifting weights, scuba diving, running, playing soccer, and nurses with button bands.


Eliminate both headaches and slipping with our crushed velvet-lined Non-Slip Headbands. The soft raised fibers in the nap of the crushed velvet lining gently grip the hair without damage.

The comfortable stretch of the crushed velvet lining along with the one-piece construction stops pressure point headaches and helps them fit a wide variety of sizes including children. Our most popular width is 1.5".

Our Non-Slip Headbands will stay in place throughout any workout, activity, or even workday on any hair type without pain or pulling. There’s a reason our non-slips are a favorite nurse’s headband. They are truly the best headbands for all day comfort. They are like wearing your comfy pajamas all day.

Simply put – they don’t slip!


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