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Mystery 1 Inch Non-Slip Headband - 3 Pack

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Run and work out in comfort in our Non-Slip Headband with an interior lining of stretchy crushed velvet and a breathable spandex exterior and say goodbye to headbands that give you headaches and slip off easily.

With no pressure points, it gently grips your hair with its velvet nap, staying in place no matter what, making them perfect for everyday wear in addition to the toughest race and exercise conditions. Gentle on your hair and scalp, these headbands work on any hair type, from fine to coarse and every hair type in between. 

No matter how you stay active, our Non-Slip Headbands are comfortable and guaranteed to stay put.

This is a mystery band sale to make room for new inventory. They are the same quality as our regular-priced headbands! Sale.

This order includes three 1" headbands. 

- Patterns and colors will vary. Fabrics shown in the photo are not representative of the headband(s) you will receive. 
One size fits all! Length: 18" x Width: 1"

    Spandex fabric with velvet lining.
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