3 Ways to Use our BAMs on Your Outdoor Adventure

Woman holding Ponya BAM and wearing a Ponya Bands Bamboo Jersey Lined Sweatband

You know we love our Ponya BAMs. The ultimate in multi-function, this tube shaped band of bamboo jersey is silky soft and serves some purposes you might not think of. We’ve already shared some Ponya Tips for using them in more traditional ways, including wearing one as a wrist band, over your hair for protection and warmth, and as a face covering. But it doesn’t stop there!

This blog will cover three ways to use your BAM that don’t involve wearing one on your head or over your hair. As trail use is rising and more people are opting for outdoor adventures, these tips may come in handy on your next outing.

Black Ponya BAM folded up

1. Ice bandana

On hot days, you can turn your BAM into an ice bandana to help keep you cool. Bamboo’s thermoregulating power comes into play here, adding that little extra. Added bonus, you get the sun protection as well.

To make your BAM into an ice bandana, simply fold the length in half, make a pocket to stuff with ice, roll it up tightly, and slip it over your head. Knot in the front if needed to keep it tight. You can also use a flexible or soft freezer pack.

Another option is to keep one in a cooler soaking in ice water or wet it and put it in the freezer overnight in a plastic bag. If you’re out for a long excursion, doing loops to your car or somewhere you can keep a cooler, throw a couple of extra in there.

2. First aid kit accessory 

Our BAM’s small size when folded up as well as its silky soft texture makes it ideal for popping into a first aid kit. We all fall on trails from time to time, whether hiking or running. Carrying a small first aid kit is just smart, and the smaller, the better.

You can use a BAM to clean scrapes and cuts, and you can use it to protect any trail wounds until you get back to your car. For those with more medical skill, it can also be used as a tourniquet or even a sling. For children, one BAM would be enough for a sling. Just slip loop it around the head and injured arm. For adults, two are needed and should be knotted together. You can also use one to support a sprain by wrapping it around the injured joint.

 3. Sleeve for your devices

At 18” around and with a length of 11” or 18,” our BAMs can also serve as a sleeve for your phone, tablet, camera, or any other device. You don’t have to worry about damage with the bamboo jersey’s smoothness.

Wrap it before you put it in your pack to avoid scratches. This also comes in handy when the weather it’s rainy or when it’s around freezing. Wrapping your phone before putting it in your pocket helps keep it dry and helps keep the battery from draining as fast.

Woman in dress with black Ponya BAM around her neck


Upgrade your usual neck gaiter or buff with one of our BAMs, the Swiss Army knife of tube bands. What’s your favorite unconventional use for a BAM? Tell us in the comments below!



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