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3 Best Ponya Team Tips for Exercising in High Humidity

We all know the feeling. You open the door to step outside and the air immediately starts clinging to you, any breeze feels like a hair dryer just turned on you and is out for revenge. You feel heavier somehow and get sapped as soon as you start getting active. Lunchtime runs or walks don’t get done, and by the time evening rolls around, it still feels like an oven out.   The earlier you get out to start, the more demoralizing the humidity can be. Let’s face it, we all expect it to be somewhat comfortable before dawn, but humidity doesn’t care. We at Ponya Bands have tried all sorts of tricks over the years to beat the humidity....

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3 Ways to Keep Cool with Bamboo Sweatbands

The hot and humid days are upon us, those days where you can wring out every single piece of clothing you have on as soon as you finish a run, down to your socks. This time of year, keeping cool becomes a top priority for everyone. For athletes, this becomes even more important, and staying hydrated and in the shade isn’t always enough. And sometimes the shade seems non-existent. While admittedly nothing will make you completely comfortable being active in the heat, any little bit helps. Our customers have 3 ways to make the most of our Bamboo Sweatband’s thermo-regulating power.

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